The World’s Best – Stockholm Gastronomy

The S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurant is not just some fancy countdown. It is the most highly credited, respected and acknowledged indicator of where to best dine in the multitude of places in the world. To be included in this much-coveted list is the aspiration of ALL restaurants. For more than a decade, Stockholm has consistently ranked as one of the World’s Best.

Stockholm is one of the most diverse and exotic culinary destination. Surrounded by rich waters and luscious vegetation, Stockholm has easy access to the freshest ingredients that are essential in preparing the most satisfyingly delicious and heavenly cuisines. Only the freshest frutti di mare, finest berries and exquisite spices are used.

In 2007, the Oaxen Skärgkårdskrog located in the picturesque island of Oaxen garnered the 39th position in S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurant list. Around an hour drive and 10-minutes ferry ride away the metropolitan area, Oaxen Skärgkårdskrog is nestled in such serene countryside in the southern part of the Stockholm archipelago. Coined as the “restaurant of the archipelago”, Oaxen offers the most luxurious and poignant dishes to satisfy your discriminating palate.

I am greatly blessed to have sampled the food of this renowned restaurant. Believe me the experience is astonishing. The flavor of the dish heightens with every bite. An explainable feeling of pleasure and longing enveloped me. I never dream that I could taste something so good, and long to return to the warmth embrace of this gastronomical paradise.

Visitors can take their fill in admiring the panoramic view of Himmerfjärden beach while eating the most scrumptious cuisines. Agneta Green is in-charge of putting together the best aperitif and wines to complement the restaurant’s dishes, while Magnus Ek is the genius responsible for the culinary creations. A distinguished member of the Swedish Culinary Team, Magnus Ek is able to combine such kaleidoscope of flavors achieving such harmony in palate and throat. A certified master of food, Magnus Ek takes you on the heights of culinary delight. I am not the only one impressed by Magnus’ talent. Gastronomika Akademien awarded the gold medal to him for his “extraordinary achievement within Swedish food culture”.

With menus ranging from a la carte, vegetarian and Christmas buffet, Oaxen is indeed the best place to spend the summer and winter holidays. Sleep in the immaculate cabins of m/s Florence, the beautiful ship built in 1935 using oak, ebony, Brazilian rosewood, slate and marble. There are various cabins to choose from depending on your convenience namely the: Ship’s owner’s cabin, captain’s cabin, stoker’s cabin, navigator’s cabin, old office cabin, engineer’s cabin and the chief mate’s cabin.

Oaxen Skärgkårdskrog expert’s craftsmanship that stems from the restaurant’s ability to provide cuisines that unconventionally combines local ingredients and international flavor which is considered a breakthrough in culinary. They are one of the very few restaurants to revolutionalize taste and gastronomic enjoyment.

Oaxen Skärgkårdskrog’s food is luxurious, heavenly, delicious, and awe-inspiring. It is the best restaurant in Sweden and soon enough maybe the best restaurant in the world. The other awards and recognitions received by Oaxen Skärgkårdskrog include 1st place in the Gourmet 199 Tables, Winelist of the Year in The Cupbearer, the Best Restaurant of the Year in Masterclass, and many others.