Wines of the World

Fine Wines From All the Countries

Every day thousands of gallons of wine is produced and sold all over the world. Italy, Germany, France, and all the way to the USA; wine is still one of the most popular beverages in the world. At every fine restaurant, on every anniversary and dinner date; the perfect bottle of wine is in some cases a must. Scientists have found that the wine of the world can be traced back as far as 60 million years ago, and it was even mentioned in the bible. People liked it then, they like it now, and the demand keeps on swelling.

Where Did It All Start?

The drinking of this beverage started millions of years ago, but where did it go from there? It has been spread across the globe, and is even sometimes taken daily for health purposes. The ancient Egyptians made their own wine, as did the Romans and many other ancient people. The Egyptians planted their grapes along the enormous Nile River. Their methods included stomping the grapes in large bowls in order to make wine. Though for most people when they think of wine they thing of Italy and France, it is produced in many different countries such as Germany and Australia as well.

Varieties of Wine

Wine of the world comes in a variety of different brands, colors, and flavors. When you think of wine, you probably think of red or white wine. But, there are many different varieties to choose from. Rosé that is sometimes made by mixing red wine and white wine is also quite popular all across the globe. Sparkling wine that contains carbon dioxide provides the characteristic bubbling effect.

Champagne is probably the most well known of this category. Fine desert wines are usually very sweet (hence the name desert wine), and table wine which contain much more alcohol than most wines at about 14%. Vintage wines too are popular. These are grown in the time span of a certain year, and are also popular with many collectors. Wine is also used for cooking – most cooking wines such as cooking sherry are basically an inexpensive wine that is not intended for drinking.

World Famous

France is home to some of the most famous wines of the world – from Chateau Margaux, Pétrus, to Romanée Conti. But, France is not the only place to find great wine. Italy is home to some of the best wines of the world including Chianti Classico, one of the most popular wines of Tuscany. In Germany, Deutscher Tafelwein is a popular wine, but is usually not sold outside the country, and therefore makes it exclusive to Germany. Other countries such as Asia also produce fine wines, but it is true that most people prefer the French and Italian brands.

How Wine is Made

Making the wine of the world is not an easy process, and involves a lot of hard work. The grapes are usually ripe by September, and are ready to be harvested. Many workers are needed for the harvesting job to make the perfect drink. Once the grapes are picked, they need to be sorted fast before spoiling. After this process, they are crushed and in the case of white wine, the skin and seeds are removed. Then the fermentation process begins after which the grape juice is placed in barrels where it will be aged for a few months, while occasionally being poured into another barrel to remove the remaining peeling and solids.